Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is our (main) work

Do you have a tree to be pruned? Then you are at the right place at Tarzan Tree Services.
Our employees have extensive experience and can skillfully prune your tree. We can perform the pruning work on an hourly basis Click here for our rates, or we can make you an offer if you sent us the following information: Click here. Do you want to know more about rules needs and possibilities for pruning? Click here.

Pruning Methodes

Yes we can!
We prune small trees, big trees and enormous trees
We prune fruit trees, flowering trees, decideous trees, conifers
We prune in small courtyards, in larger estates, public spaces 
We are used to do this with the minimal equipment in a safe way.
What the right way is to prune trees is depending on the tree, the owner and the owners wishes. In this link (click here) . it is explained why tree topping is NOT a good pruning methode and for that one we hardly ever use.

Do we need a permit to prune trees

When we prune a tree for maintenance, a permit is never needed. If trees are pruned badly or big trees are pollarded or to havily pruned you do need a permit. 
We do know our work and understand the trees and are familiar with all the different regulations regarding trees in the different cities around Amsterdam. 
This is another reason to hire Tarzan Tree Surgery for your trees. He knows how to do this the right way within the excisting regulations!

Trees and neighbours

Holland is small and the Dutch citizens are not always the most tree loving persons when they are bothered by lack of sunlicht or excessive bird droppings under your tree. We Dutchies have another culture than most of our Expats. 
It can be quickly said by neigbours that; "You have to prune your tree(s) by law." How would you know what te regulations are in Holland? It is important to know..... In Holland you do not have to badly damage your tree or give the neighbour permision for this, just becouse branches are hanging over. 
If you have questions or problems with this please ask us Tarzan Tree Surgery to help you out. We know the way......

how often do you need to prune

The pruning frequency is depending on a lot of factors like the tree species, the way the tree has previously been pruned where the tree is and of course what the owner of the tree prevers.
- Mostly we prune the larger adult trees once in 5 to 10 years,
- young and veteran (very old) trees every 3 to 5 year,
- pollarded trees once in 2 or 3 years,
- fruit trees and shrubs every year,
- hedges twice a year 

Other pruning work

Tarzan also uses its climbing techniqes and pruning skills for other means than only trees. 
We do prune or remove ivy and other climbing plants on walls and of course in trees. By using the climbing techniques we safe the expensive scaffolding or aearial work platforms.
Ocassionally we do safe Cats, blown away materials drones parashutes or paragliders from tree.
All our tree workers are certified to safe wounded climbers from trees.

Pruning Calender

We do notice at Tarzan Tree surgery that a lot of people have questions about the timing of tree work. We mostly like to say: "The methode of pruning is so much more important than the time of year".
The main thing for us is to keep in mind:
Nov. - Feb. A tree is totally asleep its energy is stored in stem and roots. The tree can not respond to human actions. 
March - May. The most bussy time a year for a tree with the energy stored they grow nem branches and leaves. Severe response to human actions
June - Aug. The tree is awake but steady. Steady reacting on human actions.
Sept. - Okt. The Tree is taking his energy from its leaves and stores it in her stem and roots. Hardly responds to human actions.
For every tree the way of pruning has to suit the situation and the tree itself for some situations pruning is better in summer, in some in winter. Over all mostly summer and autumn are the best periods, Winter is also possible (especially for pollarding) and spring is often not good (exceptions are there). Please just ask us any time.