Tree planting and transplanting

Tree planting

We do like to plant trees and have experience with this. We planted trees from just a meter till 14 meter high! 

Tree planting should be done between November and March. 

We can advice and help you choosing the right trees for your garden. We can supply trees and materials needed for good planting. We also will help you to plant your tree if you decided to buy it yourself at a nursery or garden centre.

Tree transplanting

We do have experience with transplanting large trees. 
For transplanting we first have find out if this is possible. For that above ground as well as underground research is neccesairy.
If transplanting is possible in most cases we have to start to prepare the tree by digging a trench around and placing a root screen. We will leave this for one or two winters to stimulate the tree to make a compact root ball. 
Once the tree is ready we can dig it out end place it somewhere else. Using cranes, lifters or winches.
Want to know the possibilities? We do this transplanting research!