What are our rates

Tree surgery hour rates


Tarzan's Tree Services hourly rates include car kilometers, climbing equipment, chain saws and hand tools. Travel time is counted as working time and parking fees are charged if applicable. Prices are EXcluding 21% tax (behind between Brackets is the price including tax.)

Basic Hour Rate: 

- Tree specialist (per person per hour) 

€53,00 (€64,13 incl.Btw.)

Additions when applicable:

- Addition work within City ring A10 (each time we come)
€25,00 (€ 30,25 incl.)
- Climbing work in smaller trees (per person per hour)  €15,- (€18,15 incl.)

When the climbimbing work is in trees higher then 10 meter and thicker then 30 cm;

- Addition climbing work higher trees € 30,- (€ 36,30 incl. btw) per hour
- Addition work hand lifting/transporting logs thicker then 30 cm € 10,- (€ 12,10 incl. btw) per hour

 TAke away green waste and cover inside of Costs

Disposal costs green waste

€30,00 per m3 (€36,30 incl. btw)

Proivide protective carton sheet: (incl. deposit after work) *

€1,50 per running meters  (€1,82 incl. btw)


Wood chipper (18Hp, narrow gauge) *

€50,- per hour (min.2 hour)  (€60,50 incl. btw)

loader (4 ton)

€75,- per uur (minimaal 4 uur)  (€90.75 incl. btw)  

Stump grinder to grind root stumps incl. travel and operator

€225,-  for tree diameters till 60 cm.**  (€272,25 incl. tax)

Stump grinder for extra cm. more than 60 cm. stem diamter  

€1,65 per extra cm. **  (€2,00 incl. tax) 

** meet de diamter(s) van de afgezaagde stamm(en) net boven de grond (tel dit op). 60 cm of minder is 225,- zijn er meer centimeters dan 60 doe deze maal 1,65  totaal is uw prijs 


Ziekte- en plaagbestrijding


Kastanjemineermot, vallen (incl. ophangsysteem) *

€36,50 per stuk  (€44,17 incl. btw)

Kastanjemineermot, lokstofjes *

€8,50 per stuk  (€10,29 incl. btw)

Lijmband voor om boomstam *

€15,00 per stuk  (€18,15  incl. btw)




Houtsnippers van takken*

€25,00 per m3 (€30,25 incl. btw)

Humus compost*

€55,00 per m3  (€66,55 incl. btw)




Cobra kroonverankering *

€72,00 per stuk  (€87,12 incl. btw)


* Deze kosten zijn exclusief het bedienend/uitvoerend personeel

** Diameter stam (of opgetelde diameters stammen) gemeten nèt boven de grond.

Rates fore tree visits, research and advice

Tarzan is driven in the provision of quality. You can ask us to give independent advice or to make an offer for all your tree questions and/or problems. For example: tree assesment, (safety)inspection, pruning, canopy, disease, (re)planting, etc. . When tree work comes up from our visit we can make you a free offer.
 Al prices are EXcluding 21% btw, Between brackets behind is the price INcluding this tax.

Distance of travel Location Costs

0 tot 2 km

from rode paal til Zwarte Kat

€20,00 (€24,20 incl.)

2 tot 8 km

Amstelveen, Uithoorn,

€45,00 (€54,45 incl.)

8 tot 20 km

Amsterdam, Abcoude, Haarlemmermeer

€75,00 (€90,75 incl.)

21 tot 35 km

Haarlem, Zaandam

€95,00 (€114,95 incl.)

36 tot 60 km

Den Haag, Almere, Alkmaar, Utrecht

€120,00 (€145,20 incl.)

61 tot 100 km

Den Helder, Apeldoorn, Den Bosch

€165,00 (€199,65 incl.)

101 tot 160 km

Weert, Almelo, Meppel

€200,00 (€242,00 incl.)

161 tot 250 km

Rest of Holland

€295,00 (€356,95 incl.)

For extra research and written reports over our tree assesments we have the following prices.

Al prices are EXcluding 21% btw, Between brackets behind is the price INcluding this tax.


naast bedrag tabel hierboven
Applying for tree cutting permit (excl. council tax): €245,- (€296,45 incl.)
Written reports about our tree assesments: €350,- (€423,50 incl.)
Tree safety cheq incl. certificate:     €10,- (€12,10 incl.)
Tree effect analyses (from): €350,- (€423,50 incl.)
Deeper research for soil, root system and ground (from): €350,- (€423,50 incl.)
Deeper research at hights (from): €50,- (€60,50 incl.)


What do we need if you want an online price offer

1) Your name, full address with postal code and telephone number
2) Is your tree visible on google streetvieuw? (Check this here:) 
- Yes, my tree is visible on Streetvieuw, skip question 3 and go on to 4,
- No, my tree is not visible on Streetvieuw, go on to question 3.
3) Sent us multiple pictures of the whole tree with the garden(s) underneath it and sent us pictures (or film) of the whole route we have to walk from the tree to a place where we can park our car and trailer.
4) The thickness of the tree measured at 1 meter from the ground (please indicate whether you measured the circumference or the diameter of the tree).
5) What would you like us to do (pruning/Cutting down?)
6) In the case of pruning: What and why you need to have cut and what is objective of the pruning?

our general requirements

(only in dutch sorry) are here: http://www.voorwaarden.net/opvragen/FBHWVPBHMNJV/http://www.voorwaarden.net/opvragen/FBHWVPBHMNJV/