Cutting down trees

We do cut down large trees in small gardens

Tarzan is an experienced tree demolisher. We do have the techniqes to cut down large trees in very confined areas where there is no room for large machinery and where is no room to fell the tree.
We can preform the cutting work on an hourly basis Click here for our rates, or we can make you an offer if you sent us the following information: Click here. Do you want to know more about rules needs and possibilities for pruning? Click here.
When we cut down trees is not really a mather of season (tree is cut anyhow) for the tree. If the tree is attractive for tree nesting then it is often better to only cut in autumn and winter. Also for your garden it can be better if we do work there when your plants are asleep and underground.

Methodes to cut down trees

Every tree is different. Likewise, each location. One stands in a courtyard in the center of Amsterdam, the other in a meadow or along a busy road. This affects the process we use to cut the tree. An overview of the different methodes that we apply:


1) Felling (the tree has room to fall and can be cut to the ground)

2) Demolition (we remove the tree with a platform or climbing, often let this timber down safely along a lanyard)

3) Road hoist (we hoist the timber away using a crane)

As we mainly work in (small) gardens in and around Amsterdam the most often used methode is that we carry our climbing and rigging equipment to the tree. We use our safety climbing equipment to climb the tree and there we cut piece bij piece the tree down. Often we use long ropes to lower the cut pieces slowly to the ground without damage tot the garden. 

Permit for cutting your tree

When we cut down a tree in The Amsterdam City area a permit is needed. We can help you to apply for the permit. In surrounding cities like Amstelveen, Uithoorn, Aalsmeer, Haarlem, Badhoevedorp, Diemen, Hoofddorp etc. often a permit is not needed for a tree in your own garden.
We do know our work and understand the trees and are familiar with all the different regulations regarding trees in the different cities around Amsterdam. 
This is another reason to hire Tarzan Tree Surgery for your trees. He knows how to do this the right way within the excisting regulations!