Tree root stump Grinding

The tree is gone what about the roots!

The Tarzan Team tree stump grinder, the Predator .
Our stump grinder just 70 cm wide can drive trough a door!
After your tree has been cut down the roots are left in the ground. Yhis does not have to be a problem. Natural organisms in the soil will break down the material into fertile soil. This might take 5 to 15 years.
You might be wondering why you should even bother removing a tree stump? There are a few reasons why getting rid of the old wood is beneficial for your yard and garden. The most obvious reason is aesthetics. An ugly stump can detract from the beauty of your garden, so getting rid of it will enhance your landscaping.

Secondly, if the stump is in the middle of your garden or is in the way of installing a walkway, driveway or patio, or otherwise making a space unusable, getting rid of it is usually the only option.

For some tree species like willow and popular, removing a stump will also prevent an unwanted tree from growing back.
We do have a special Root stump grinder which is able to chip away the tree stump. This machine can drive trough openings like doors and garden fences just 70cm wide.
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Costs Tree stump grinding

The costs for tree root stump grinding can be found here:
* Costs are aplicable for fork withinour region (max. 30 min. single journey).
Our stump grinder can drive trough openings of just 70 cm wide. He has the dimensions of 67 centimeter wide and 145 cm. long with retracted undercarriage. The weight of the machine is 1000 kg.