Who is Tarzan Tree surgery

We are the best in the Amsterdam Area!

Tarzan Tree surgery has been established in 2003 by Frans. Nowadays our team exist of 5 members who do love their tree work.

We do have a lot of expats and (native) English speaking clients. Is this a problem? Certainly not! We love them!

Our Team all speak English very well and can discuss in this language about your tree problems and the solutions. We do have a great affinity and are familiar with tree care in England and America. In fact we have training and work experience in England and mantain contact with our collegaes in Europe by our European Agricultural Counsil and the International Society of Arborists membership.

When we work in a tree, we believe in being responsible for its welfare. As arboricultural consultants with extensive experience and qualifications, we can help you to solve your tree related problems and advise on what's right for your tree.

You can be sure your tree(s) are properly managed to stay in the best long-term condition. Or when demanded being safely cut down. We do mainly work for private customers. We are used to work on the most difficult trees also in the Amsterdam central area.

We work clear and honest and put our wages on the website: Click her for our rates

That's why working with us is so refreshing.